Support Goal 2: Campus Vitality

Our focus at the University of Northern Iowa is on the flourishing of our campus community in all aspects of our operations and personal and professional lives. Along with advancing the intellectual and academic abilities of students, UNI provides a holistic approach to student development focused on their social, emotional, and intellectual well-being. Likewise, faculty and staff are offered professional development opportunities that allow us to celebrate excellence and advance continuous learning. And with a commitment to sustainability, the campus community is provided a state-of-the-art working environment that uses resources wisely.

Enhance resource and facility development to provide an enriched campus life experience, which is both environmentally and fiscally responsible.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Adopt a holistic approach to campus well-being that supports the recruitment, retention, health, and safety of students, faculty and staff.

  • Support academic success by addressing building and infrastructure needs through renewal, maintenance, and upgrades focused on sustainability and efficiency.

  • Continuously improve the quality of services seeking the most efficient and effective delivery method.

  • Enhance revenue streams to the university in order to maintain access and affordability.

  • Support intentional student engagement in the various stages of students' academic careers through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

Metric: Increase total sponsored funding by 5% (5-year rolling average) – does not include federal financial aid for students.

Year by Year Results
Fundraising results chart
Base Year Current Year* 5-Year Target
2015 2020 2017-2022
$26.2 million $26.7 million $27.5 million
*Current Year: 2019-2020



Metric: Decrease utility usage per square foot (KBTUs)

Year by Year Results
Metric 2.3 Line Chart
Base Year Current Year* 5-Year Target
2016 2020 2022
156 140 150
*Current Year: 2019-2020



Metric: Increase the number of university buildings rated “functionally accessible”

Year by Year Results
Line graph of functionally accessible buildings
Base Year Current Year* 5-Year Target
2017 2020 2022
30.1% 32.6% 35%
*Current Year: 2019-2020