2004-2009 Strategic Plan


The culture of the University of Northern Iowa is characterized by a long-standing commitment to student learning and to excellence in teaching. This commitment has been established through the development of an open, ethical and caring community that promotes diversity, honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, trust and civility among its members. This community has created a culture based on core values that include intellectual vitality, intellectual and academic freedom, the well-being of its members and service to others.


The University of Northern Iowa community values:

  • Excellence in all its endeavors
  • Intellectual vitality
  • Intellectual and academic freedom, dialogue and the free exchange of ideas
  • Expansive awareness of multiple perspectives characteristic of a global society
  • An ethical, caring and diverse community characterized by pluralism and civility
  • Personalized learning
  • The well being of its students, faculty and staff
  • Service to the citizens of the State of Iowa, the nation and the world
  • An appreciation of people with different backgrounds with an emphasis on gender, race/ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socioeconomic class, and national origin.


The University of Northern Iowa will be the leader among the nation’s finest public comprehensive universities, characterized by a multicultural and inclusive community with high-quality teaching/learning environments and socially responsible contributions to the State of Iowa, the nation, and the world.

Mission Statement

The University of Northern Iowa is a comprehensive institution dedicated to providing a personalized learning environment, founded on a strong liberal arts curriculum. It is committed to being an intellectually and culturally diverse community. The University focuses both on undergraduate education, and on selected master’s, doctoral and other graduate programs. It is characterized by excellence in three areas: teaching and learning; research, scholarship, and creative work; and service. Through its varied endeavors, UNI shares its expertise with, and provides service to, individuals, communities and organizations throughout the state, the nation and the world.

Focused Mission Statement

The University of Northern Iowa offers a world-class university education, providing personalized experiences and creating a lifetime of opportunities.